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Humanities Truck Fellowships for 2020-2021

The Humanities Truck is an interdisciplinary platform designed to facilitate collaborative community-based research, scholarship, and exhibitions.  These collaborations take time and can take many different forms.  The Humanities Truck Project Fellowship Program provides a year for the Truck Fellows to be able to use the truck for a collaborative project with the community. Full-time faculty (including term faculty), advanced Ph.D. students, and MA students engaged in a thesis project at American University are eligible to apply. Truck Fellows are expected to build a collaborative process that involves community partners in each phase of their projects, from research and documentation, to interpretation, and scholarly creation in the form of accessible exhibitions and performances.  Throughout the year, Truck Fellows will meet together to reflect upon the effective practices of community-engaged scholarship, and also to share the findings of their own projects.

Fellows will receive substantial research funding ($10,000) for these year-long projects.  The funding will be allocated to six projects. The funds could be used, among other things, for summer salary, hourly research assistance, honoraria for community members or organizations, equipment, archival duplication costs, research related services such as transcription costs, and supplies and food to support project specific community-based workshops, exhibitions, and performances.  All equipment purchases will either need to be donated to the community or added to the Humanities Truck lending library upon conclusion of your project.  Other expenses will need to be approved by the director of the Humanities Truck project and must align with the rules and regulations of the Mellon Foundation and American University.

Applications for Humanities Truck Fellowships for the September 1, 2020- August 31, 2021 season are not yet being accepted.  The application will open during the Spring 2019 semester. Applicants must be associated with American University in order to be eligible.

Click to download last year’s application.

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